Retrospective on our first two-hundred companies
Tuomo Laine is co-founder and CEO of Rentle, the circular commerce platform. Start, grow and expand your circular business - it's great for your…
Guillermo Ramas is Founder & CEO of Notisphere, a platform with communications software that ensures visibility and minimizes the time & effort required…
Biotia is a health tech leveraging next-generation sequencing and artificial intelligence for rapid precision infectious disease discovery.
VAMA is a one-stop virtual platform that provides easy access to an array of services for one’s religious/spiritual journey.
Guaranteed is a hospice care company that makes tough moments easier by blending at-home treatment with frictionless technology to give everyone the…
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Radicle Science is  the first ever Proof-as-a-Service for health and wellness products to prove their true effects beyond placebo.
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