The Fund Holiday Gift Guide

Discounts and offers for our favorite people, from our favorite people

Welcome to our inaugural The Fund Holiday Gift Guide highlighting the portfolio companies and member companies we absolutely love—with special discounts and exciting ideas for everyone! We’ve broken it into sections for the different folks in your life and hope you’ll find it as inspiring for gift giving, as we do for investing.

To note, over half of this list includes companies led by female and diverse founders — so you can feel good about where your funds (pun not intended) are going!

For the new parent (or dog parent):


For the parents who say they haven’t slept in weeks, Huckleberry will be their lifesaver!

  • Huckleberry is the modern solution to the age-old, “how the heck do I get my kid to sleep better?” problem. Combining pediatric sleep experts with smart tech, we create easy-to-follow sleep plans personalized for your unique child.

  • From now until December 25, receive 10% off a 6-mo Huckleberry Premium gift card when you use code 10OFF6M, and 20% off an annual membership gift card with code 20OFFANNUAL. Visit Huckleberry gift card and enter promo.


Help your friend be a great parent, and a sustainable one!

  • Esembly is sparking a movement around sustainable diapering with its simple, innovative and stylish system. The Esembly product line equips families with everything they need to radically reduce waste.

  • 15% off Gift Cards, Try-It Kits, and Skincare Kits from 12/10–12/15. No code needed. Discount auto-applies at checkout.


Calling all pet parents! The gift of peace of mind with pet insurance that’s easy to use and made for actual dog-owners.

  • Wagmo is a new breed of pet insurance — no paperwork, claim payments in days. and coverage you’ll actually use. With a first-of-its-kind Wellness plan for the routine care you’re already doing, or Insurance to protect for the unexpected, Wagmo makes it easy to get your furry friend the care they need.

  • Fund members can get $20 off the Wellness plan of their choice! Use code THEFUND2020, offer available through 1/31/21.

For the workout and mindfulness guru:


Drop everything, Cityrow is the at-home exercise that will leave your body burning!

  • The ultimate at-home fitness experience. CITYROW GO is a beautiful, fully immersive rowing machine with a robust content platform. Choose from hundreds of streaming classes — cardio, endurance, strength, mobility, even yoga. The perfect workout is at your fingertips.

  • $250 off at | Now through Dec. 24

Journey Meditation

If your workout-obsessed friend isn’t already into meditation, get them (and their team or company) on the mental workout train with Journey.

  • Journey is on a mission to help all people live happier, healthier, less stressed lives. Rooted in live group learning and peer support, Journey’s Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing Program provides employees with life-changing skills to better manage stress at work and at home.

  • 50% off Journey’s Stress Management & Mental Wellbeing Program.

For the friend with exceptional (and sustainable) taste:

ZZ Driggs

Everyone has a friend who’s apartment is #goals — if your friend is that person, or wants to be that person, get them something from ZZ Driggs!

  • ZZ Driggs offers exceptional furniture for rent or purchase created by top designers across New York, Los Angeles & more.

  • Use code “comfycozy” at checkout for $100 off your rental or purchase now through the end of winter.

Compare Ethics

If you see this seal, you know the product meets your friend’s high standards. Go check out the platform and find the perfect, sustainable, socially sourced product!

  • Compare Ethics the platform that verifies responsible products. Check out over 3000+ verified environmentally and socially sourced products for the festive season.

For the friend who is obsessed with health and efficiency:

Elektra Health

For the person going through hot flashes, you can choose between gifting Elektra or ice packs. I think Elektra might win.

  • Elektra Health is a healthcare platform on a mission to smash the menopause taboo by empowering women with evidence-based menopause education, care & community. Our telemedicine platform offers 1:1 visits with top menopause doctors, while our expert-led group workshops & programs ensure women receive trusted expertise & support to navigate the menopause transition.

  • Use code TABOOSMASH for $100 off your first visit with an Elektra doctor.

Galileo Health

For the friend with a million doctors on speed dial, give them the ease of a single app.

  • Started by the team behind One Medical, Galileo Health offers 24/7 mobile-first, multi-specialty care wherever you may be. Import and manage your medical records, chat directly with experts. No insurance needed, no copays or deductibles.

  • One year free membership (annual fee $99/yr). Sign up here and use code: sponsored-1211

For the adventurous foodie taking clean eating to another level:


For the friend who wants to save the environment while eating well at the same time. They will love AKUA, food that’s sustainable and delicious!

  • AKUA is a sustainable food company that makes meat-alt products from ocean-farmed kelp. This Christmas, members of The Fund can order their Kelp Burgers to try before they even launch next year! AKUA is currently fundraising on Republic to bring the Kelp Burgers to market.

  • Here is the secret Kelp Burger link! Use the code THEFUND to get 20% off Kelp Burgers, Jerky, Spices, and more!

Watermelon Road

Keep the holidays healthy but fun with dried fruit jerky in kid and adult flavors like Apple Pie or Pineapple Mojito - mojito not included.

  • Watermelon Road was born out of love for wholesome food, fresh flavors, and providing family and friends with better snack options, that are as nutritious as they are delicious. Our unique snacks start with the highest quality fruits and vegetables lightly seasoned with organic herbs and spices. We then gently dehydrate them to preserve the most nutrients and flavor. The result is a tasty, wholesome, portable treat that is guaranteed to please both picky eaters and big kids at heart.

  • Use code HOLIDAYCHEER for 15% off site wide.

For the cool kid:

Pair Eyewear

For the kid who loves to dress up, or thinks they’re a superhero, PAIR can help express their individual personalities. We know we would have died for a Harry Potter pair as a kid!

  • PAIR Eyewear is the first DTC, customizable children’s eyewear brand reimagining the consumer experience for kids with glasses. With PAIR, kids can quickly and easily customize the look of their glasses anytime, anywhere. They deliver their glasses to families with an engaging digital experience for just $60.00 per pair — well below the $300.00 average price point.

  • Get 20% off your first PAIR when you use code SharkTank at checkout (exclusions may apply)

Ten Little

Ten Little will solve all clothing woes and worries — especially in pandemic times when it’s hard to try things in-store!

  • Mom-founded Ten Little is a predictive, recurring commerce platform that makes shopping for growing kids easy — starting with their ten little toes. We help parents find their child’s fit faster, remind them when it’s time to size up, and re-order instantly. Designed in collaboration with world-class doctors, Ten Little’s vegan shoes are made with a natural shape to support healthy development and come with free sneaker stickers to customize their kicks.

  • Use code THEFUND20 for $5 off your first pair through December 31, 2020.

For the startup CEO/workaholic:


If your friend can’t stop talking about “growth,” they’re probably not talking about their height. Help them stop talking about it by gifting or alerting them to the magic of Paloma!

  • Paloma turns Facebook Messenger into a sales channel, with automated personal shopping conversations. Working with brands like JUDY, Care/of, and Joybird, their platform converts at 2–10x the rate of websites.

  • 10% Off your first year with Paloma, when you sign up by January 31st 2021. Just name “The Fund” as your referral!


Lots of pent up travel coming soon! You’ll want to take advantage of Breeze’s on-demand food service to zip in and out of the airport!

  • Breeze is an on-demand food service for airport travelers — on a mission to provide all airport travelers access to quality food, delivered at the speed of life we are used to.

  • Use code: ‘THEFUND’ for 20% off! Available exclusively at LAX


All work and no play makes your friend a very dull friend — gift them something that’ll give them some time and peace of mind back

  • AllWork is a software-enabled payments platform for freelancers and the Gig Economy.

  • We are offering a free consultation for any friends of the Fund to evaluate their freelancer compliance for your company. So we will evaluate how you are managing and paying your freelancers to ensure you are legally compliant with all federal and state laws.

For the Power Woman (mom, sister, friend, partner) in your life:

The Cru

For the friend who’s 2021 goal is to find a mentor, or just build out her networks, The Cru is the perfect gift.

  • The Cru is a constellation of women committed to helping each other thrive. We match circles of up to eight women based on their personality, values, demographics and life goals. Each Cru is set up to empower her to realize her life goals and to accelerate her personal and professional growth.


We love what Wander is doing for clean beauty, but we love even more that they’re donating meals for every holiday kit purchased. A great gift, with an even better feel-good reward!

  • At Wander, we create clean beauty essentials you reach for everyday. Each of our formulas is enriched with nourishing ingredients that work with your skin, not against it.

  • Wander Beauty will donate 16 meals to The Farmlink Project for every holiday kit purchased on from October 15th-December 31st 2020.

For the friend who loves clean everything (grooming + home) :


While toothpaste might seem boring, not getting a cavity might be the best gift one can receive (in our opinion), especially with a toothpaste that is natural, clean, and better for you!

  • Most natural toothpaste is healthy but lacks effective ingredients that protect, while most traditional toothpaste is effective but compromises health with harmful ingredients. Twice is the first toothpaste without compromise: better-for-you toothpaste formulated to improve your oral and overall health. Created using the most innovative oral health research and decades of experience by world-renown dental experts, Twice blends science-backed, no-nonsense ingredients that perform, with a cleaner, better-for-you formulation, filled with multi-functional benefits.


For the germaphobe in your life, Cleancult will help your friend stay clean and green

  • Cleancult offers truly effective, natural, zero waste household cleaners for a cleaner world. 

  • 30% off with THEFUND2020

True Sons

For the person starting to gray from all the 2020 stress, give them the gift of hiding it, in Zoom and in person.

  • Created for the modern man, True Sons is an innovative, all-in-one, revolutionary
    foam—available in seven shades—that delivers a no nonsense approach to men’s hair dyeing.

  • Use code GIFTED30 for 30% off

For those with wellness and bio-hacking on the mind:

Magic Mind

If your friend lives in LA, or is into crystals, they’ll probably be into the nootropics and adaptogens in Magic Mind.

  • Magic Mind is “Silicon Valley’s new favorite morning elixir” (Forbes 2020), made with matcha, nootropics, adaptogens, and honey and paired with your morning coffee - getting into creative, productive flow is now on autopilot each morning

  • Use JAMES20 to get 20% off, from James Beshara, the creator of Magic Mind

Hemp Farms of New York

If your friend needs a vacation but doesn’t have time to take one, give them these full-spectrum CBD products which are guaranteed to give them peace of mind, this holiday season.

  • Hemp Farms of New York is the leading Hemp and CBD operation in the state. Our seed to shelf, full-spectrum CBD products have the essence of The Empire State. Grown in the fertile soils of the Hudson Valley, we offer you luxurious and high-potency CBD products to enhance your daily health and wellness practices.

  • 20% off for Fund members with code FUNDMASS20, thru year-end. Visit Hemp Farms.