The Fund Spotlight: Laura Rocha of dathic

The Fund Founder Spotlight

Welcome to The Founder Spotlight where we highlight the incredible people behind the companies we’ve backed at The Fund. This week the spotlight is on Laura Rocha, Co-Founder and CEO of Dathic, a data platform that helps CPG brands reach Hispanic communities.

Hispanic and Latinxs make up over 18% of the United States population, yet the research market data to understand the community is limited and fragmented. As Hispanics are dispersed across the U.S., it’s hard for CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies to know where to market and sell their products. That’s what motivated co-founder and CEO Laura Rocha to create Dathic. It’s an AI-based platform that uses dynamic data to compare locations and recommend the best places to sell goods. 

Laura and her Co-Founder, Jose Daniel Ramirez, are from Colombia and both are passionate about using data and technology to empower Hispanic businesses and communities. Laura has a background as a lawyer and a Master’s in Public Administration from NYU. She has an impressive resume including work for the Colombian government, the United Nations, and volunteering in the New York Mayor’s Office. Since founding Dathic, they’ve helped many CPG companies grow and maximize profit. No matter where you live, you should still be able to enjoy the products you love!

  • What makes Dathic stand out? 

What makes us different is that even though we are a tech company making a highly technical product using all these algorithms, we are very focused on the problems in the communities that we want to serve. That is a big differentiator, understanding the community from the roots and their specific needs. It’s a priority for us to empower Hispanic communities. 

  • What locations are you serving? 

We’re a New York based company, but with our platform and the product, we can serve all of the United States and some specific countries in Latin America like Puerto Rico and Mexico. We’re Colombian, so we’re trying to make it in the Colombian market as well.

  • What are your goals for Dathic?

Short-term, our main priority is reaching product market fit. We’re still in the process of learning, discovering, and piloting. From there we will start scaling on sales and the value we can deliver to the customer.

  • What do you consider your greatest accomplishments? 

Besides my university degrees -which I’ve put a great deal of effort into- I think that being a founder is one of my biggest accomplishments. I never thought I’d be a founder, but it’s been a great opportunity to put all of my knowledge and skills together. I also enjoy leading a team, and being a mentor and support for them. 

  • What do you do in your free time?

Right now I’m dedicated to reading and dancing. I’m trying to learn a dance called Champeta from northern Colombia. It’s so fast! I’m also trying to read a lot about business and sales.