The Fund Spotlight Interview: Alexandra Bonetti of Talent Hack

The Fund Founder Spotlight

Welcome to The Founder Spotlight where we highlight the incredible people behind the companies we’ve backed at The Fund. This week the spotlight is on Alexandra Bonetti, CEO and founder of Talent Hack, a vertical SaaS, full-stack career platform for professionals in the fitness and wellness space.

Health and wellness is a huge industry, raking in $4.3 trillion annually, however, the talent who actually do the work are often undervalued and don’t receive the compensation they deserve. The industry itself is in the process of a transformation and Talent Hack, led by founder and CEO Alexandra Bonetti, is at the forefront. Alexandra owned and operated successful fitness studios in New York City for almost 10 years and recognized that the most valuable product being sold wasn’t the workout, but the connection between talent and the client. That’s why she built Talent Hack, a platform to empower fitness and wellness creators and their clients. 

Since COVID, Alexandra has witnessed the unbundling of traditional gyms everywhere. This has been a catalyst for talent to realize that they can scale their businesses independently of a gym or studio and it serves as proof to clients that they can transact with their creators directly for an elevated, convenient experience. Talent Hack is revolutionizing the industry with their business tools for the next generation of wellness trailblazers!

  • Tell us about Talent Hack.

Talent Hack is a tech stack platform built to empower fitness and wellness creators to achieve financial success. We have a full-stack product where talent can sell their on-demand classes, curate their content offerings, build community, find jobs, secure brand partnerships, and level up with tailored education. On top of that, we offer built-in marketing technology and automations to grow their businesses, so they can focus on creating.  

  • What's Talent Hack's “Northstar”?

The fitness and wellness industry was not built with talent in mind; there’s a major infrastructure problem. Our Northstar is to re-architect a different fitness and wellness economy that places talent at the center and allows them to be paid what they deserve. Our community is everything and we hope to make their lives easier while also making them more money.

  • Why is Talent Hack going to win?

We have deep roots in the industry. We’re a very passionate and mission-driven team that deeply cares about our talent and everyone we serve. We also think about our talent’s careers holistically. We're not just building business software tools; we're building a full stack of products that make up their career. We focus on helping them become the best they can be at their craft.

  • Tell us about a recent milestone the company crushed. 

We just raised a $17M Series A funding round, which marks the largest ever Series A for a Latina-led software startup. This money is game-changing for us and the impact we hope to make on the industry and the talent we serve. We also launched our private training product suite, Private Sessions, in October. We are expanding our tailored education and community products next.

  • What’s a health and wellness practice you can’t live without? 

I meditate twice a day, no matter what. I never, ever thought that would be me because my brain is so active. I’m too fast, loud, and energetic, but it's kind of what keeps me level-headed. I started meditating four years ago, and it’s my most disciplined wellness practice.

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