The Fund Launches in Australia!

Jenny Fielding and Scott Hartley

Many have asked how we ended up launching The Fund Australia. It all started with a call from Mark Finn, Jenny’s friend from NYC who had recently moved back home to Australia. Mark is a serial founder and thought the model could work well in Australia. Of course, Australia has an active community of angel investors, but no platform of founders supporting founders at the earliest stage of their journeys. Mark planted the seed that The Fund’s model could work a few oceans away, so during the height of the pandemic Scott and Jenny started having late night Zoom calls with other founders and operators from Perth to Melbourne to Sydney and kept hearing a common theme. There was a lot of money available, but that early money came with demands for traction and later stage metrics. For companies at their earliest stage, looking for their first infusion of capital to build product and go to market, traction is a luxury they don’t yet have. 

Today we are thrilled to welcome The Fund Australia to the family as our sixth active geography and are lucky to be joined by Elicia, Adrian, Georgia and Todd who are leading the charge. Our team down under brings expertise from Canva, AfterWork Ventures, and Airtree, along with incredible operating experience across organizations large and small. 

If you’d like to get involved or learn more, please let us know!