As we roll into the new year, a quick look back on the last 12 months at The Fund!
A platform that trains, connects and dispatches technicians to fix networked electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and ensure that no station is left…
Dorothy provides the fastest way for property owners to receive cash after a disaster. 
Vahan uses Artificial Intelligence based technology to match job seekers and employers.
Building a Pre-Seed Fund For Women, By Women
Discounts and offers for our favorite people, from our favorite people!
A SaaS company building digital team-based tools that enable the world's largest companies to transform their organizational culture and improve…
What a Fund ride it has been
A nutrition company offering a portfolio of clean-label, organic, plant-based foods and beverages to support families on the nutritional journey from…
A retrospective on three years, four geos, five funds, and our first one-hundred pre-seed investments
Badaboom is the end-to-end platform that enables brands to create professional private label products better, faster, and cheaper.
Talent Hack is a vertical SaaS, full-stack career platform for professionals in the fitness and wellness space.